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Ambitious Learning 11+ Summer course is the perfect way to help children prepare for 11 plus during the summer holidays with the help of our experienced tutors. They encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals for the upcoming 11 plus entrances.
We strive to give our pupils the programme's full benefits with high-quality teaching. We go over any gaps in knowledge and plenty of practise papers under timed conditions during the sessions.
Children gain confidence during these sessions, but they also make new friends during these sessions.
We not only prepare them with timed papers but also play with them vocabulary games to make teaching fun. Children also participate in live sessions and competitions during the course.
Suitable For
Children who are giving entrances this year and are preparing for 11 plus entrances next year.
Subject Covered
English ( Comprehension, creative writing and Letter writing and cover vocabulary needed for both CEM and GL style entrances )
Verbal Reasoning( cover all the concepts needed for GL and CEM entrances )
Non Verbal Reasoning (cover all the concepts needed for GL and CEM entrances like 3d shapes, spatial reasoning, shuffled sentences and lots more will be covered in detail)
Maths (Techniques to solve word problems and advanced techniques needed for 2 stage entrances for ST OLAVE'S grammar school. )
11+ Summer Classes
starting from 5 August till the 28 August 2021
All the weekends in August
you can buy two weeks (half course ) or four weeks entire course. You get one free Mock test with 2 or 4 weekly summer course
One day only £75 with complete material given to you.
All the material is included in the price. We use our partner company 11 plus help to success Books during the course .
If you want to pay by child care vouchers you can contact ALT directly.

Ambitious Learning Tuition
104 Orpington High Street

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