Helping Children Succeed


Ambitious Learning tuition have develop a new technique by which students sitting at home can do practice for 11 plus taking our online subscription  .

our online test subscription can be purchased every month,three months  or six month at one go on discounted price .

More About online test 

Whether you are preparing for CEM style test  ,GL assessment tests,Private school entrances or any other 11 plus  entrances the online subscription by  ALT is the perfect way to prepare your child for 11 plus entrances.


 You will be given  2 links for  subjects  except non verbal every weekend  to be completed during  that week

After submitting the online test you will be given your scores for the test (automatically generated )

Ambitious learning Tuition will email your online mistakes and will tell you the areas your child needs to work .

Once you have taken the subscription you cannot cancel it .The subscription is non refundable .

One Example of  our online paper is attached for you to try before ordering .