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ALT unique Mock Test Test



Information About our Mock Test 


The majority of Mock Test providers simply supply students with a pencil, question paper and an answer sheet. They put very little effort into analysing the test and telling mistakes they make for further improvements.

At Ambitious Learning Tuition, we e-mail the detailed feedback report breakingdown all the areas your child need to improve for the real test. (NON REFUNDABLE AFTER BOOKING)

More Information about our Mock Test 

The ALT Mock test gives students a taste of the real test they will take in September, as it covers all of the same topics. Upon completion of the test, our tutors will analyse the results and produce a standerised mock test report that is emailed to the parents. The In-depth report will contain information on the areas where the student needs to improve, along with the explanations.

Features of these Mock test 

1.These are annual tests that take place from June till September..

2. The children will get the experience of the real test.

3. Multiple choice answer sheet will be provided alongside to every child.

4. Report will be given to children within 2-3 days of the exams. In addition, an anonymous position report of your child in comparison to other pupils sitting the same exam will also be given.

5. You can track your child's scores across the tests to moniter their progress.



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