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ALT unique Mock Test Test

Information About our Mock Test 

The majority of Mock Test providers simply supply students with a pen ,pencil and multiple choice sheet. They put very little effort into analysing the test and telling mistakes they make .

At Ambitious learning tuitions we e-mail the detailed feedback report telling you the areas your child need to improve in the real test .(NON REFUNDABLE AFTER BOOKING IT )

More Information about our Mock Test 

The ALT  Mock Test gives students a taste of the real test they will take in September, as it covers all of the same topics. Upon completion of the test, our tutors will analyse the results and produce a mock test report that is emailed or given  to the student’s parents. The report will contain information on the areas where the student needs to improve, along with explanations and examples to improve.

Features of these Mock test 

1.These test will take place from January to September every year.

2. The children will get atmosphere of the real test.

3. Multiple choice paper will be given to every child.

4. Instant result  will be given to children on the same day or within a week  and we will also tell you where your child stand compare to other children.

5. You can track your child progress after every mock test and see the improvement.

Book mock test dates for 2020.

If we cant have the test in the venue as planned then we will have them on line with full feedback report given to you 

All depends on Government guidance . 

Venue -

Newstead Grammar school 


Bishop Justus school