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11+ Summer Revision Classes




Ambitious Learning 11+ Summer Classes are the perfect way to keep your grammar school hopes on track and motivated throughout the school holidays giving them their very best chance of passing the 11+ exams. At Ambitious Learning, we provide students with the most effective last minute resources, tips and tricks to solidify their learning and prepare them. 

This year (2021) due to the COVID-19 concerns addressed by the families of our students and staff, ALT finds it most suitable and safe to run the summer classes virtually via our remote learning platforms. We strive to still give our pupils the full benefits of the programme with high quality teaching, going over any gaps in knowledge and plenty of practice paper under timed conditions during the sessions.


Suitable For 

Year 5 students sitting the Grammar Entrance exams in September 2021 .

Year 4 students that will be sitting the 11+ entrance exams in 2022


Class Structure

Children will be divided into different classes for each day of the course .

Their Schedule will be decided based on the schools they are applying for and their individual

strength and weaknesses.


Subjects Covered

English (Comprehension, creative writing, Letter writing and cover vocabularly needed for both CEM and GL style entrances)


Verbal Reasoning (Cover all the concepts needed for GL and CEM entrances)


Non-Verbal Reasoning (cover all the concepts needed for GL and CEM entrances including 3D shapes, spartial reasoning and many more topics will covered in detail)


Maths (Techniques to solve word problems and advance teechniques needed for 2 stage entrances for ST OLAVE'S grammar school. )


11+ Summer Classes  

Starting from 5 August till the 28 August 2021

You can buy 2 weeks course (half course ) or 4 weeks full course. 

If you want to pay by child care vouchers you can contact  ALT directly.