Helping Children Succeed

2021  Results

We are so happy 5 girls passed Newstead, 4 boys got into stage 2 St Olave’s Almost all the children passed Bexley, Kent entrances.

One boy passed Wilson, Medway, Triffin stage 1. Our highest score in Kent were 417 and almost all ALT children got more then 378 in Kent. We got full marks in maths and Verbal reasoning..

Our children also passed stage 1 for Private schools like West- minister and city of London.

Our children also pass 13 plus for TWGGS.

2020  Results

A total of 30  children got their preferred school. 5 girls got Newstead , 5 boys got st olav's , 5 girls got Tonbriage and 10 children got Judd, Skinners, Tunbriage grammar for boys and other got other grammar schools . 

5 Girls passed Newstead Grammar school and got it as first choice.

2 Boys got St Olaves.

2 Girls got Dartford Grammar school as their first choice.

2 Boys got Dartford Grammar school as their first choice.

1 Girl passed all the private schools and got offer from City of London.

1 Boy got Sutton Grammar school as his second choice.

1 Girl passed Townley Grammar school.

2 Boys got QE as their first choice (online subscription).

1 Boy got Wilson (online subscription).

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Based in Bromley and Orpington, our tuition company delivers first-rate tuition for children aged from 9 to 11. Our tutors offer tuition in English, math, and verbal or non-verbal sessions. Unlike some tutors, we offer our capable assistance on weekends and during holiday periods. We take pride in providing exceptional service, educating children to ensure they receive the most of their school years, and gain entry into the country’s leading grammar schools. Our Booster Lessons are good practice before the exams as they cover all the topics the children are assessed in the real test. Our Classes include group sessions, online assessments and online tests. We are also Ofsted approved .

"My daughter loves the sessions"

"I am so pleased we chose Ambitious learning. My daughter loves the sessions. She feels that the learning is fun and not too pressured. They always have time to go over any areas she struggles with. They are covering all of the topics required for her 11 plus. She is growing in confidence as each week passes. I would 100% recommend Ashima and the girls."


"ALT 11+ is a great way for children to practice"

"ALT 11+ is a great way for children to practice their 11+ in an educational environment, especially Ashima’s guidance and support throughout tenure . Here children will have all the abilities they need to pass the 11+. Everyone meets new friends and children get the confidence to go and do the test without being anxious."

Jeevika's Parents

"True Gratitude"

"Ashima, I cant thank you enough for your constant guidance and support. It was you who suggested Newstead... it was you who encouraged at every step... it was you who believed... even more than me. Words are useless at times like this to express true gratitude."

Mehar parents

"I would definitely recommend"

"A very helpful tutor! Ashima has and is helping us prep for the 11+, she's always offering advice and assistance with 11+ exam related questions without any benefit to herself. I would definitely recommend this tutor centre to everyone. Thank you Ashima for all your help and continuous support."


"Excellent Teaching Techniques"

"I give 5stars for being passionate and extremely resources.She knows what she’s doing 110%.Shes the GO TO person for 11+ as she knows everything😃 about it. She’s also has excellent teaching techniques to achieve results.. God will take u higher n higher"